Is there an age bar in admission for LLB?


LLB admits students of any age.
The candidate must have passed Class 12th or an equivalent test from a recognised board or institution to be eligible for most entrance exams. The examinations have a lower age limit of 20 years and no maximum age limit. The lowest age restriction was raised to 22 years old after Supreme Court criticism.

The Bar Council of India has removed the age restriction for law school admission. Students of any age can enrol in LLB or LLM programmes at colleges and institutions.

On March 1, 2017, the Bar Council of India announced an upper age restriction of 22 years for a 5 year integrated LLB and 45 years for a 3 year LLB. The Supreme Court, on March 3, 2017, halted the announcement and ruled that the maximum age restriction was not relevant.
The next hearing was scheduled for the third week of July 2017, but there has been no additional news on the matter as of yet.

There is no upper limit for LLB admissions until the Supreme Court makes a definitive ruling and the Bar Council of India alters the regulations to enforce the age limitations in the future.

Reference: The Bar Council of India – – AHG178 – 202100581 – 92 – 68 – 202100190-20210041-19485


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