Is stamp duty exempted for defence personnel in case of first home in Uttar Pradesh?


You need to know if the stamp responsibility is exempted for the defence employees in instances in their first domestic in Uttar Pradesh. Section 17 of the Uttar Pradesh Registration Act, 1908, mandates that any assets transaction that includes an consideration price exceeding Rs. 100, ought to be registered with the sub-registrar’s office. Stamp responsibility costs varies throughout the state it’s the tax levied through authorities in which there’s a transaction of assets. General buyers of assets in Uttar Pradesh should pay 7% of the transaction fee because the Stamp duty.

Uttar Pradesh Government has given remission on Stamp Duty chargeable at the instruments of conveyance and instruments of lease in favour of ex-servicemen and legal dependents of martyred soldiers and legal dependents of martyrs of paramilitary and Central Armed forces. There is exemption on stamp duty on assets valued upto Rs. 20 lakhs for Ex-servicemen. In case the assets is of Rs. 60 lakhs then the stamp duty can be exempted for first Rs. 20 Lakhs and on final stability of Rs. forty lakhs stamp duty can be charged

Reference: Uttar Pradesh Registration Act, 1908 – – AHG102 – 202100580 – 50 – 45 – 202100230202100246772


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