Is recording a video in bank punishable?


Video recording is valid evidence and the same can be produced as an electronic evidence in accordance with procedure laid down under law.

In case you have issues with services of the bank and you have valid proof that they have committed a breach or violation, you may approach consumer forum for suitable remedy as it amount to deficiency of services. Also you may lodge a complaint with banking ombudsman.

This information is subject to limited information provided by you and shall not be regarded as an legal advise,
as such recording ina bank considers to be offence / crime. if your intention is good and for misbehavior or corruption, then court may excuse. court may consider as evidence. if issue is on fixed deposit then get relief from court.
RBI has not issued any instructions regarding video or photography .The Security areas and cash are subject to CCTV recording of banks and individual banks have to decide their own security guidelines .Each bank must have a Chief Security Officer at HO reviewing security arrangements in the bank.
Customers are prohibited from taking photographs or video record inside the premises due to security reasons just like in the case of some airports/aircraft/temples etc.

You cannot question the decision of the bank.




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