Is my 4 years old obc certificate valid for state job in rajasthan?


Reservations in the government jobs as well as educational institutions has a non creamy layer provided for the applicants of OBC Candidates.
Yet the candidates are unaware of the provisions for the same. Any candidate who is so deserving and belongs to the OBC category shall try availing the benefits of the OBC reservations if had been ignored.

We have to for this first analyse whether one is falling within the category of the OBC creamy or non creamy level. One is eligible for the reservations of the educational qualifications only if they belong to the non creamy layers.

There are various classes among which the individuals are divided by the government in which OBC (other backward classes) are one among them. The list is maintained by the Central government and is also updated, amended time and again.

If an individual belongs to the non creamy level and have the relevant evidence to prove the same, then only they are eligible for the benefits of the reservation.

Though an individuals income above 8 lakh is considered above the cremy layer but if the employment category in in the Group B, they can attain the benefits. The income/ salary shall not be crossing 8 lakhs for three consecutive years.

In the State of Rajasthan, it shall be 3 years but one needs to submit the Income certificate as a valid evidence to the continued eligibility of OBC non creamy layer.

For the renewal of the layer and its benefit, one must apply to the district or tehsil officer through application by the stamp paper along woth the charges along with the old OBC certificate and documents required.

If the tehsil or the district magistrate is satisfied with the documents, a new certificate shall be issued

Reference: Commission chaired by Justice Ram Nandan Prasad to identify the creamy layer among OBC’s – – AHG79 – 202100585 – 39 – 10 – 2021001502021004221927


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