Is marriage certificate valid for name change in aadhar and PAN?


In this case the marriage certificate is given under the Christian Marriage Act 1872 and is registered under Section 27 of the Act. So the marriage certificate is a valid proof for any type of legal work if you don’t have any other document. It is a goverment issued certificate and is valid all over India.

Every religion has his own laws in the country and so marriage is registered under the laws of those religion. As your marriage certificate will work as proof of name change, you can easily change your AADHAR card name by submitting a soft copy of that document. However, AADHAR can be used as a supporting document in changing your name in other important documents such as Passport, Bank accounts and others.

In case of change in name in PAN The documents that shall be accepted as proof in this case are: For married ladies – change of name on account of marriage – marriage certificate, marriage invitation card, publication of ‘name-change’ in gazette, a certificate from a gazetted officer stating name change, copy of passport showing husband’s name.

So there will be no issues in changing name in any other document if you have any other government issued certificate or id proof.

Reference: Section 27 of Christian Marriage Act 1872
Case ref.
1.Amrinder Pal Singh Sehgal v. Pio
2.Vandana Khatri Petitioner v. The Union Of India And Others S



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