Is it safe to purchase the freehold property in Noida?


Freehold property can be defined as any estate which is “free from hold” of any entity besides the owner. Hence, the owner of such an estate enjoys free ownership for perpetuity and can use the land for any purposes however in accordance with the local regulations. Sale of a freehold property does not require consent from the state and hence requires less paperwork, thus, making it more expensive than leasehold property.

Freehold land title refers to a property title by which the owner of the land owns it for perpetuity (free from hold). In other words, freehold land title ownership has no limit in time for the landowner and its beneficiaries.

There are no restrictions on the right of an owner of a freehold property to transfer it further and it can be inherited. There is no encumbrance to the absolute title of the property and it can be transferred, by registration of a sale deed. When you purchase a freehold property, you also own the land it was built on, along with the house itself. If the property is an apartment, the home owner becomes a shareholder in the property. You have the right to live in the house as long as you wish and you can also make changes to it.

If the builder is not showing the map than you can file an RTI in this regard and ask for it. Before buying the land, map approval should be checked.

Reference: RERA



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