Is it possible to sit for civil services and other gov job exams if involved in a criminal case?


Pendency of criminal charges is the biggest hindrance in joining civil services.

Neither the Union of India nor any State government would like to recruit any person having criminal charges pending against him.

Unless the charges are quashed or stayed by a higher court it would be very difficult to make it through to the civil services.

Your candidature can be rejected altogether by the govt due to the criminal charges leveled against you.

An accused cannot be held guilty before the trial ends and he is proved guilty. In your case, though you would be required to disclose the facts of the case in an event of getting selected.

However, you would have to refer to the selection criteria issued by the “Department of Training and Personnel” under whom the selections are done and verify in which instances can a candidate be not allowed to join services, despite clearing the UPSC exams.

No, you can not appear in IAS examination, as you are not eligible for it if you are a convicted person.

Based on your awareness about the evidences against you, you can go ahead and file a quash petition in the High Court of your state.

UPSC rules clearly state that a criminal case must not be pending against a candidate at the time of appointment.

Reference: None – 202100495-20210042-3622



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