Is it possible to get submersible filing at home?


Inappropriate use of ground water or polluting it may result in jail. Accordingly, all domestic, agricultural and commercial consumers using ground water will have to register. Commercial users will have to take a license after depositing the bill. For this, water meters will have to be installed. Contamination of ground water can lead to a jail term of upto 7 years and a fine upto Rs.20 lakh. Domestic and agricultural consumers will be free from penalties.

The district administration has banned the installation of submersible pumps without permission in order to curb exploitation of ground water. A district level committee has been formed to give permission after assessing ground water availability in a given area.

The National Green Tribunal has directed the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) to take action against those using tubewells illegally to extract groundwater.

According to the guidelines, drawing groundwater through borewell for domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial uses without the prior permission of the competent authority will be considered illegal.

An advisory committee has been constituted in each of the revenue districts with representatives from Jal Board, Central Ground Water Board, Urban Local Bodies, Delhi Pollution Control Board and reputed NGO to assist the District Commissioner in detecting illegal borewells.

In case an illegal borewell is already constructed and operating, it will be closed and its electricity supply will be disconnected. If the borewell is under construction, then the drilling rig will be sealed.

Reference: Environment (Protection) Act, 1986

National Green Tribunal Act



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