Is it permissible to pursue two degrees at a time and what actions can be taken against a person who has pursued 2 degrees simultaneously?


From August 2013, you will be able to enrol in two degree programmes at the same time.

In India, it is no longer illegal to pursue two degrees at the same time.

However, there are still certain limits.

Certain colleges have incorporated these principles, but with some alterations and constraints, such as the fact that students can take distant/open courses in addition to normal courses, but they must be from a different institution.

The Distance Education Council established a policy on studying two or more programmes simultaneously in different combinations at its 40th meeting on June 8, 2012, one of which was a valid combination of degree and diploma.

Two degrees are permitted under the current UGC policy, but only in the normal manner.

One Regular with one Distance mode, two diplomas, two certificates, one degree and one certificate are, nevertheless, permitted.

In your situation, it was ideally invalid because you were pursuing a degree and diploma at the same time and presuming it was from a regular college.

However, because you did not complete your degree but simply the diploma, you will be unaffected by the repercussions.

Because your unfinished degree will not be referenced in any job interviews, CVs, or resumes, it will have no impact on your career because it will be kept hidden forever.

Reference: UGC Guidelines and Provisions – 202100463-20210043-8176 – AHG247 – 202100581 – 130 – 100 – LAW78


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