Is it okay to put up flags of other countries in public places in India? Is it allowed? Is it legal to do so?



It is not illegal to host another flag in our country.

You just have to follow set protocols like fly it at the same height as the Indian Flag if you fly them together and so on.

Simply hoisting another country’s flag wouldn’t be illegal as long as the intend is not to defame or disrepect India or to show disloyalty to her.

Furthermore, Section VII of Flag Code Of India – the code which defines the use/misuse of Indian National Flag – states how the Indian Flag must be displayed with Flags of other Nations and of United Nations.

This provision also suggests that use of another nation’s flag is not illegal.

However, make sure to always respect the customs and traditions of the other country regarding their national flag.

For example, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have all clearly prohibited their national flags from being displayed vertically (e.g., when hung from a wire or mounted to a wall).

Saudi Arabia even has a special flag to be used in such situations.

When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height.

The flags should be of approximately equal size in general.

Reference: None – 202100495-20210043-11679



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