Is it necessary/required to submit a no objection certificate (NOC) by a contract employee of a government organization while attending an interview in another government organization?


Being a contract employee, you do not need NOC.
If at the interview, if the interviewer raises the question of NOC (noramlly he should not), please tell him that being a contract employee, your company has said that it is not needed to give one.
Contract employees are technically not “part of the organisation”. That is also the reason why contract employees are not given any benefits. So, no, you don’t need any NOC.
In most of the examinations, NOC is sought only from those candidates who seek age relaxation under the the ‘Central Government Employee who has rendered not less than 3 years of service’ catogory.
Contract emplyees are on a contract basis and are not considered as employees of the Govt. organisation. So you need not obtain a NOC.

But if you have signed any agreement while joining the Govt. organisation stating any tenure then i would suggest you consider taking a NOC, just to keep your mind at peace while attending the interview. Its always good to be prepared.
the Department which employs is duty bound to give No-Objection Certificate if one is applying for a post that is more remunerative or higher in position. I can not now say how many times an employee can apply for outside jobs in a year.




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