Is it mandatory to register and get license to start a pre school in Maharashtra? If yes what is the process to do so?


Preschools can be set up as profit or nonprofit enterprises.

In the case of the playschool being a Profit making enterprise, it is advisable to incorporate it into a private limited company or a Limited Liability Partnership.

A playschool can also be started from a place of residence. For this, the permission of cooperative housing society or apartment association would be needed.

Furthermore, in case the residential area is acquired on rent/lease, the purpose of using the residential area for running a play school should be clearly mentioned in the lease agreement.

There is no specific legislation or certification for setting up a play school in India.

However, laws like the Private School Education Acts enacted by the State Government needs to be thoroughly considered as they may require registration and licensing of playschool.

Moreover to set up a playschool in an independent premise, the formalities related the Municipal Corporation and education department of the city where the play school is being set up need to be completed and the respective application and registration fee is to be paid.

In Maharashtra, The Maharashtra Preschool Centres (Regulation of Admission) Act,2000 provides for compulsory registration of preschools.

Pre schools for children till six years of age are being regulated by the state government under the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) policy

The preschool must have the Recognition Certificate from the Nodal officer:
The nodal certificate needs to be renewed annually.

The authorities may withdraw this certification at any point if the preschool is found to have used unfair means.

1. Laws Governing Staff: According to the ECCE, both teachers and caregivers have key roles to play in a child’s development.

2. Laws on Safety: The safety of young children is especially important, and there are several regulations in place to ensure this. Make sure you create an SOP around these laws and that they are followed to the tee.

3. Laws against Physical and Mental Harassment: Children at a young age have an impressionable mind. As an education institute utmost care needs to be taken that the child is not physically or mentally abused. Section 17 of the Right to Education Act (2009) lays out the rules and regulations that need to be followed.

4. Laws on Health: all aspects that are essential to make sure the child is in a healthy atmosphere need to be followed. Like the classrooms should have adequate ventilation, hygiene should be maintained, etc.

5. Laws on Curriculum: Read up the laws laid down on curriculum and teaching methodology to make sure you follow all norms.

6. Formation of Parent-Teacher Association: It is recommended that every preschool should create a Parent-Teacher Association within a month of the admissions every year.

Reference: The Maharashtra Preschool Centres (Regulation of Admission) Act,2000

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) policy
encompass the inseparable elements of care, health, nutrition, play and early learning within a protective and enabling environment. It is an indispensable foundation for lifelong development and learning, and has lasting impact on early childhood development.



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