Is it legal to use party flag mounted on car bonnet in delhi or is it illegal?


The Madras High Court bench here was Tuesday informed by the Transport Department that the Motor Vehicles Act does not permit politicians to display their party flags or pictures of political leaders on the windscreen of their cars.

Justices N Kirubarakaran and S S Sundar was hearing a public interest litigation of Stalin seeking a direction to take stringent action against those who violated traffic rules and maintain roads.

Also, the judges wondered whether vehicle-owners can fly party flags or any other flag with logo to show their support and enthusiasm to the party leaders, among others, and said such flags were one of the causes of accidents and hence could be avoided.

The judges asked the government that the advocates about the legality of displaying flags, pictures, among others.

To that this, the Transport Department said there was no permission to fly flags on vehicles.

The bench then adjourned the matter for further hearing without mentioning the date.

There is no law that prohibits you from doing so.

We live in a democracy and in a democracy, you have a right to have a political opinion and bent.

So, there is no impediment to you to put a flag of your political party on your car.




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