Is it legal to rent white board cars for self drive in India as the client is planning to build a platform to enable peer to perrt car sharing service where owners can rent their private cars having white boards to others?


A white number plate or white board with black letters is the most common type of number plates in India. This type of license plate is used for private vehicles. Cars with such plates may only be used for private use and not for commercial purposes such as transporting tourists and loading them. While vehicles with yellow number plates mean that it is a commercial vehicle, such as B. Taxis. Such shields have a different control structure and RTO rules than the regular white shield.Renting a car or providing a car that is privately registered is not allowed in India under the Motor Vehicles Act. Rental cars – must be commercially registered in any case. India has strict laws and commercially registered cars must obey strict state laws in order to drive on the road. The car owner must obtain a national permit to drive in India and pay government taxes annually. Commercial vehicles have comprehensive insurance that covers passengers/drivers and damage to third parties.Commercial vehicles must undergo an annual fitness test to ensure the safety of the occupants. Aside from passenger safety, emission standards are also becoming more stringent as the number of commercially registered vehicles in India increases. In areas with a high car density, only commercial vehicles that meet the BSIV standards can be registered.

Self-driving rental cars must also be commercially registered and legally registered/taxed. The government is doing something by regulating the rental car market.The regulations control unwanted pollution and guarantee the safety of the people using these rental cars. Self-driving simply means that the renter “himself” rents the car and drives it himself. To put it simply: Only the unit is rented.

In order to start renting cars without a driver, the company must also obtain a license from the state authorities. After successful licensing, the organization can register the cars as part of the autonomous driving program.

Reference: Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 – 202100466-20210033-1606



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