Is it legal for society to not allow female guests in bachelor rented flat?


There is no as such rule regarding the same, but society may impose such rules with their past experiences with the approval of the residents/ majority people, but it’s also important whether this rule was mentioned in your rent agreement if not they can’t stop a person to do so.

Most societies and will tell you about this restriction when you are looking for house for rent, some of them will also restrict non vegetarian food. These are unwritten rules if you break them you risk your landlord asking you to leave or even social backlash.

But there is not much legal standing with such restrictions. Constitution of India gives freedom to it’s citizen. Obviously, rights are restricted in private premises, however, in housing society, ever private residence, has his own right to invite his friends and relatives.

Society however, can restrict or bar someone from doing anti social, nuisance and unlawful activities.

So you can ask them what is the reason of not allowing females to go the bachelor rented flat. It maybe possible that something happened before and due to which they made this rule to not experience such thing again in future. There are some societies which have made these rules to safeguard the society.




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