Is it crime in india to pass class 12 two times from two different boards in consecutive years?


It is not a crime till the reasons are bonafide, you can opt for improvement as well in same board to increase the percentage but it is not a crime in india to pass 12th two times from two different boards in consecutive years.

According to Indian Supreme Court there are no specific regulations of the concerned examination board which prohibit a person from given two examinations at the same time but it is advisable not to do so as it falls under violation act.

If you want to qualify for your Boards from two boards ; try to register in both the Boards with a minimum gap of 1 year .

Indian law also states if a student is caught appearing for two exams the same year he can be suspended from appearing in any Exam for next 3 years and trust me the rules are very strict.

There are few guide lines issued by the CBSE board and as per CBSE rule, one can pass 12th two times from different boards. I would like to clear herein that you have to go according to CBSE rule of Improvement of performance in class 12th.

A candidate who has passed an examination of the Board may reappear for improvement of performance in one or more subjects in the succeeding year only.

Reference: Central Board of Secondary Education Act, 2012



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