Is having video sex crime in India? If yes then how can someone be defended?


Having sex on video call with a prostitute cannot be termed as a crime. Prostitution is not a crime according to the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956. All adult woman have the right to choose their vocation and being a prostitute can be one of them. It should not be forced or without the consent of thr woman otherwise it would be termed as rape if a case is filed for the same.

If you are having a video call sex with a prostitute you should be aware and should always ask for womans consent for having the same iterest as you have. You should not force a woman to have sex physically or virtually. If at all you have forced the woman to have sex virtually with you then she can file a complaint for exploitation against you. Having phone sex is not illegal as most of the people do it. The consent from both the sides are necessary without consent you should not move forward.

Sexual exploitation or abuse of a person for commercial purpose and to earn the bread, and where a person is carrying on prostitution in a public place or when a person is found soliciting or seducing another person in public is what illegal and termed as a crime.

Reference: Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956. – 202100253-20210007-983 –


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