Is G+3 legal if approved by panchayat?


“You will be entitled to buy this flat if that location does now no longer falls under the municipality however falls under the gram panchayat, in that case you need an approval from Gram Panchayat and that approval itself is considered to be valid. When builder has all of the required documents and permissions that there’s no trouble and you can buy this flat.

G basically means ground floor while the “=3″ indicatesthree higher flooring it does not consist of parking location.

It isn’t always limited to Pragatinagar or Nizampet gram panchayats which have witnessed growth of unlawful structures. Almost a dozen different panchayats across the metropolis have witnessed a rampant proliferation of unauthorised systems of the beyond decade.

According to reliable estimates, approximately one lakh unlawful systems , including , buildings with illegally built additional flooringings have arisen in nizampet , pragtina gar, Nizampet, orpoppalguda, shamshabad gram panchayats etc.

Interestingly , some years ago , notices have been sent to unauthorised structures in a number of the gram panchayats at Manikonda, Nizampet and other such places in Hyderabad metropolitan improvement authority (HMD) limits .But authorities , hobbled with the aid of using political interference and stay orders from courts , demolitions were happening in large numbers.

The gram panchayat can allow homes with ground-plus- two flooring. Taller buildings are trying to find permissions from the HMDA . Many developers who take G+2 permissions from panchayats move on to feature greater flooring and convert the constructing into residential apartments . Officials stated that each one such unauthorised structures have been ÔfacilitatedÕ with the aid of using nearby politicians , specifically sarpanches in cahoots with developers . The HMDA for its part . Says that it has no enforcement powers and it its function is confined to planning .”

Reference: Hyderabad metropolitan development authority – – AHG148 – 202100580 – 72 – 153- 2021001232021004312930


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