Is CMS Ed Diploma Holder eligible to give primary health services?


CMS & ED Diploma is an abbreviation for Community Medical Services & Essential Drugs Diploma. It is a credential for primary health care using general Allopathic medicines, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).The Hon. Supreme Court ruled that CMS-ED Diploma holders can manage primary health care operations. Qualification: 10th (English Compulsory) or Equivalent The Community Medical Service and Association programme is a two-year regular course.All India Primary Health Care is in charge of this training. The WHO is in charge of this course.

Around 42 general medically qualified doctors are recognised by the allopathic government for first aid. Based on the ruling of the Honorable Supreme Court, you may serve as a primary health care worker.Without a degree, you cannot practise allopathic medicine.

However, if you offer the patient allopathic medicine, you will be deemed an untrained physician and may be embarrassed. If you don’t want to be humiliated, do a CMS and ED course so that you have the Supreme Court and the CMO of your district on your side. This is easily treated with allopathic treatment.You have been informed that only allopathic MBBS doctors are permitted to prescribe allopathic medicine.

After completing a CMS and CD course, you will be able to manage general medicine patients, according to the WHO. There are no prerequisites for this; the Honorable Supreme Court has determined that we are qualified.CMSED is carried out only by the World Health Organization. All India Primary Health Care, a WHO-accredited organisation, is hosting this CMS&ED course.

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