Is asking salary from wife a Dowry


Salary is a form Dowry. In Ganeriwala vs Ganeriwala, 1997 – HC in Mumbai ruled that ‘Salary’ and its demand could not be construed as ‘Dowry’ and that Dowry in itself was defined as the gifts or money demanded as bride price. You cannot demand salary from your spouse. It cannot be maintained in court that you have a legal right to claim the salary, even though you are a family. It is recommended that you find a job that will support you, that will allow you to be financially independent. Being a husband it is your duty is to lookafter your wife and her children. In your case you are expecting salary of your wife is absolutely wrong. Perhaps she is at her will to diperse her income as her will and wish. You can not force her to spare or provide any part or full income which belongs to her. I advice you to make an amicable arrangement with your wife by discussing about your future savings and also for financial arrangements for your children. She will realise and support you financially. Dont force her which may lead to complications in your marital life. You can file for divorce under mutual consent if both of them don’t want to stay together.

Reference: Hindu Marriage Act, 1955



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