Is a license required to run a PG?


If you are thinking of starting a hostel or a paying quest then it is important to know that you have to get paying guest license or Hostel License because without getting license you may not allowed to start your hostel. You can apply for this license both online as well as offline. Many municipal corporations have their own websites and you can apply online on these websites to get the license for running the PG or the hostel.

During filling this form you have to fill all required details like your name, your address, paying guest or hostel name, and other important details. You have to submit required documents online or you may have to send the document to the Municipal Corporation directly. After sending your application along with documents they will verify your documents and may visit your hostel if they found everything good then only they will give you a license to carry a hostel at your place.

Police permission is also important in many states. You have to check it that whether police permission is required or not to carry a hostel. If police permission is required in your state then you have to get permission from the police. You can take permission from police by way of filing an application to the police authorities. License is important to carry a hostel as you can see that without obtaining a license you cannot start your hostel or paying guest. You can use this license as a legal proof of your hostel so no one can raise any objection regarding legality of your hostel.

Reference: Indian Easement Act, 1882



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