Is a Government employee allowed to contest elections?


The Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 consists of rules governing government employees. It has all the rules regarding service and dismissal from service or punishment in case any government servant breaches any rule. These rules are applicable to the Central Government civilian employees.These rules prohibit the government employees from contesting elections to any Legislative or Local Authority.

If any employee wants to contest the elections, they will have to resign from their service before contesting the elections. If they do so without resigning, they are liable for punishment and they will be punished according to the rules and the laws governing them. A Government employee cannot even canvass for any candidate in election. Family member of a Government employee can contest election. Here too, the Government employee cannot canvass for the family member.

If any Government employee wishes to contest in election or canvass for any candidate, he must resign from the job. As long as the Government employee is in service he cannot contest election. Government service is the service rendered to the Government, duly elected by the people of India. As long as one is a Government employee he cannot enter the public service unless he resigns from his post. Apart from political elections, government employees are allowed to contest for posts in recognised trade unions, staff welfare committees and co-operative societies.

Reference: The Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964



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