If there is FIR filed against me can i go abroad for studies? If yes, does someone need a permision from the Court to do so?


You can go abroad for studies but for this,

you have to inform the police about your plan of leaving India and the police after recording your statements, may allow you to leave India.

However, once the police completes its investigation and files charge sheet in the court,

you may need to file a petition in the court for exempting you from personal appearance till the trial starts

. For this, you may come India, appear in the court and file the petition or your counsel may file the petition on your behalf.

1) Your father is free to travel abroad

2) merely because case has been filed against him for dishonour of cheque does not imply that he cannot travel abroad

3) only if court had imposed restrictions on his travel abroad would he need to obtain court permission

Has the court imposed any restrained him from leaving the territory of India?

Unless the answer to this question is in affirmative he is at liberty to go out of India.

Needless to add, he shall continue to remain amenable to the jurisdiction of the court concerned and appear personally before it as and when ordered.

1. Unless one is restricted by Court order to travel abroad he can go any where he likes to,

2. In cases where there are possibilities that the accused will run away from the clutches of Indian law, the complainant prays for seizure of passport,

3. In the instant case, your father can travel abroad pending any restrictive order from the Court.

Reference: Code of Civil Procedure



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