If SC girl marries general category boy then is she will still get reservations?


When a woman born in a scheduled caste or a scheduled tribe marries to a person belonging to a forward caste, her caste by birth does not change by virtue of the marriage. A person born as a member of a scheduled caste or a scheduled tribe has to suffer from disadvantages, disabilities and indignities only by virtue of belonging to the particular caste which he or she acquires involuntarily on birth.

Caste system in India is ascribed status i.e it comes by birth.

If a person happens to be born in a caste listed in the schedule of government then it is a schedule caste and same for schedule caste and same for scheduled tribe.
Reservations to these are constitutional.

A person’s caste is unalterable and can’t change after marriage,There cannot be any dispute that the caste is determined by birth and the caste cannot be changed by marriage with a person of Scheduled Caste.
Yes. She will continue to be treated as SC and use her SC status in terms of reservation and other benefits.

Caste is from birth only and usually paternal lineage, doesn’t change through marriage. Unfortunately , in most cases the children of the girl will lose SC caste status and will be only treated as general.




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