If lottery is legal in India how to register a lottery scheme?


In terms of the lottery business in India, the Central Government does not permit the establishment of any lottery firm.

That is to say, you cannot open a lottery firm in whatever location you like. You must first check with the state government of the city or state where you intend to launch your lottery company.

Only if the state government approves or enables you to start a lottery firm may you do so.

The following are some of the state governments that have been granted a licence:

West Bengal Maharashtra Kerala Punjab Madhya Pradesh Sikkim Goa Assam Arunachal Pradesh is a state in northeast India. MeghalayasManipur Nagaland.

If you want to start a lottery business in one of the states listed above, you may apply for a lottery licence using the state government’s approved format.

Some documents you need to apply for lottery business
Company formation
Pan card
Current account
GST registration.

After that, you gather the information, fill out the application, and submit the required papers.

The state government will review the paperwork, and if he grants approval, you may begin your lottery enterprise.

Under the Lottery regulation act section 7 if a person acts as an promoter agent or conductor of an illegal lottery busniess in India he or she shall face rigourous punishment of maximum two year iimprisonment or fine or both

Reference: The Lottery Act of 1998, section 2(b) defines ÔlotteryÕ as a scheme in whatever form and by whatever name called for distribution of prizes by lot or chances to those persons participating in the chances of a prize by purchasing tickets.



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