If case status is shown as “contested-dismissed”, does it mean the accused’s lawyer has asked to get the case dismissed?


“The case popularity of “”contested-brushed off”” is a sort of a disposed case.

A crook case in district court is stated to be disposed at the date the case is sure over to advanced court through manner of a superseding indictment, a waiver or locating of possibly reason, or whilst the case is ultimately disposed in the district court through responsible plea, or dismissal or locating of no possibly reason.

In a contested-brushed off case, the declare of the petitioner/plaintiff is disputed, because the petitioner/plaintiff might not have submitted required legitimate evidences.

Dismissal on default is whilst the case is brushed off for now no longer supplying the proof of the petitioner through ultimate absent repeatedly, whilst procedure is fixed.

Therefore, the legal professional duly pleaded the case however the identical changed into then brushed off through the court.

Dismissal of crook instances is supplied in Section 203 of the CrPC.

The first challenge for a protection lawyer in a crook case is to decide whether or not there are any grounds on which the case might be brushed off earlier than a plea or trial. Common grounds for dismissal include:
An flawed crook grievance or charging document
Lack of possibly reason to arrest
An unlawful prevent or search
Loss of proof important to show the defendant devoted the crime.
Lack of proof to show the defendant devoted the crime
An unavailable witness, important to show the defendant devoted the crime.”

Reference: CRPC=The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 – – AHG268 – 202100553 – 141 – 139 – 20210054202100424300


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