Hw to file a harassment complaint against Housing society member?


You can contact the police by dialling the police number 100, and officers will respond to the location you specified during the phone call.

They will arrive on the scene and ask you about the problem before taking action against them.

You have the option of filing a complaint with the Registrar. The Registrar will issue a show cause notice to your society’s Chairman and Secretary.

Follow-up at the Registrar’s office should be done on a regular basis.

Any officer-bearer of the society should receive a written complaint from the member, detailing the dispute/complaint in detail.

The Managing Committee evaluates the complaint, makes a decision, and communicates it to the member within 15 days of receiving it in the next committee (after the complaint is received).

Members can contact any competent authority for redress of their grievances if they do not get communication from the Committee within 15 days.

The escalation complaint should also include a copy of the initial complaint letter.

They may file a complaint with the society’s Advisory Committee, which is appointed by the General Body.

The General Body will decide on the committee’s composition and powers.

If the concerned member is dissatisfied with the Advisory Committee’s decision, the complainant member may contact the approved officer listed below, depending on the nature of the complaint.





Reference: Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws

Section 173. Member/Members shall submit their complaint application to any of the Office bearers of the society, in writing, giving thereby the details of the complaint.

Section 174. After receipt of such complaint application, the committee shall take decision thereof, in the coming Managing Committee Meeting. Such decision shall be communicated to the concerned member, within 15 days thereafter.

Section 175. If the Member/Members are not satisfied by the decision of the Committee, or does not receive any communication from the committee within 15 days, then he / they may make complaint to the Advisory Committee constituted by the General Body of the society.

The formation and powers of such committee shall be as decided by the General Body.

If the concerned member is not even satisfied with the decision given by such Advisory Committee, then as per the nature of the complaint, the complainant member may approach below mentioned authorised officer. – – AHG20 – 202100585 – 10 – 1 – 202100352-20210004-260


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