How will recovery dowry goods from husband?


Whatever gold/jewellery a bride gets in her marriage from her parents/relatives is her stridhan property on which she has her exclusive right. Husband cannot keep it with him. On filing a petition for return of ornaments the Court will direct the husband to return it to the wife.

she can recover her gold items by filing case under domestic violence act. she ca also file dowry harassment case under sec 498-a of Indian penal code agaisnt her husband and his family members. for any legal help call me via path legal.

you can get gold in divorce case after proving the streedhan about gold .you can file fir in police or court under sec 406 ipc for recovery of gold.

In this case you can proceed in two ways, one is proceeding for returning of ornaments under Domestic violence Act and the other is filing a Civil suit for obtaining the ornaments back and on the day of filing the suit you may take steps to file a I.A for the appointment of an Advocate Commissioner for recovering the ornaments and attaching it to the Court, this Advocate Commissioner and raid can be ordered by the Civil judge and your Advocate must convince the court that if notice is issued there is every chance of shift the ornaments to a safe place by her husband. (This Civil proceeding will work smoothly only if she knows where the ornaments are kept by her husband in Bank locker or in a locker at residence). Before starting the civil procedure she will have to make a list of ornaments with weight preferably by looking tallying it with her wedding photographs, this is to avoid omissions.).

Reference: Criminal procedure code,1973
Indian Penal code.



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