How to withdraw complaint filed with RERA, Uttar Pradesh?


As per the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), complaints can be registered under Section 31 of the Act. Complaints can be filed against developers, builder, and agents with the regulatory authority or the adjudicating officer.

To make a complaint under RERA in Uttar Pradesh you need to download the form online and submit it duly filled. Any aggrieved buyer can register their complaint with the Uttar Pradesh RERA for any violation under the Act by filling up ‘Form M’ and making a payment of Rs 1,000 as a fee.

In order to withdraw your complaint under the Real Estate (Regulators and Developers) Act, 2016, you would need to first of all wait for the date of hearing and then you or your Advocate need to appear before the authority on the date of the hearing and file an application for the withdrawal of the complaint.

There are no other specific provisions for the withdrawal of a complaint given under the Real Estate (Regulators and Developers) Act, 2016 and doing this would effectively cancel your complaint against the builder. Therefore, you need to wait for the date to be allotted for your case and then you can move ahead with this procedure.

Reference: Real Estate (Regulators and Developers) Act, 2016



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