How to withdraw a complaint filed before the cyber cell?


It is adviced to Write a letter to SSP Prakasam and provide a reference to your complaint together with a copy to the Commissioner Delhi Cyber Crime division asking for withdrawal of the said complaint. The letter need to mention that your account has been activated once more thus, there’s no purpose to hold with the complaint. Follow up after some days (say weeks) to test the status of the complaint.

According to The Information Technology Act of India, whilst a cyber crime has been carried out, it has a international purview and jurisdiction. Furthermore, a c grievance or a complaint may be recorded at any cyber-crime cell in any of the cities. A individual can also additionally may be required to provide details like a name, their address and a phone number along an application letter headed to the respective individual heading the cyber-crime cell whilst filing a complaint a to the cyber-crime cell. An individual ought to deliver particular documentation with a particular end purpose to sign up a complaint with cyber-crime cell. List of records generally change with the type of cyber-crime activity and differs from on a basis of crime to crime After the initial filing of the complaint , the inquiry through the cell starts with search and seizure of virtual/digital evidence, which refers to an intangible form of records withinside the digital world. The investigating officer has to search for an area wherein lies a suspicion that the laptop or networks of various computer systems are possibly found, and with the assist of laptop forensic scientists can be required in such operations.

Reference: Information Technology Act, 2000 – – AHG117 – 202100580 – 57 – 58 – 202100262-20210007-1291


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