How to transfer rent receipt in Pagdi system after tenant dies?


Pagdi is a traditional model of tenancy in India, most prevalent in Maharshtra. In Pagdi System, the renter is also the co-owner of the property and pays a nominal rent as compared to market rates. Besides, the tenant also enjoys additional rights of sub-letting or selling the property.

The property issues under Pagdi system at Maharashtra are governed by Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999. If a legal heir wants to transfer the rent receipt in his name, then he has to approach the landlord regarding the same. The legal heir needs a No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) from all the other legal heirs as they have equal rights to the property co-owned under Pagdi system.

In your case, if you are the sole legal heir then there is no transfer fee as such for transferring a property under Pagdi system. You can talk to your landlord and mutually change it to your name. If building is going for redevelopment, that does not impact anything regarding the change of rights of tenancy. The landlord can ask you to live somewhere else till the time it is redeveloped but cannot charge fees from you for changing the co-ownership of property to your name without any reason.

Reference: Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999



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