How to transfer ownership in SRA Flat?


The following points are required under SRA’s rules and regulations, which may be found on its official website:
The beneficiaries are unable to sell their property once they have been assigned one due to a ten-year lock-in term. The builders are subject to the same rule.
The state government is entitled to a part of the sale value if a transaction occurs after ten years. This is known as a transaction fee, and it will be required for the registration of the sale paperwork. The cost will be equivalent to the property’s maximum stamp duty, or Rs one lakh, whichever is higher. The transfer fee ceiling for industrial and commercial tenements would be Rs two lakh and Rs three lakh, respectively.

When acquiring an SRA unit, the buyer must produce a domicile certificate. He and his family should not possess a home inside the boundaries of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Furthermore, neither the buyer nor the original seller are permitted to purchase any SRA unit.
The purchaser must be from the Economically Weaker Section (EWS), the Lower Income Group (LIG), or the Middle Income Group (MIG) (MIG). Wherever possible, the selling deed will be in both husband and wife’s names. SRA residences will not be available for acquisition by partnering businesses or organisations.

Because your mother bought the flat from the second owner, you must wait for the 10-year period to expire before the property may be moved from the first owner’s name to the second owner’s name, and then to your name.

Reference: Slum Rehablitation Authoritiey – – AHG165 – 202100581 – 84 – 80 – 20210013620210021718


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