How to start a bike taxi service legally and apply for permit?


You will be able to get the authorization for starting a bike taxi service Under section 72 and 73 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, where many states have been given permission to issue give taxi permits under these sections 72 and 73,

According to Section 2(28) in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 which gives the defination of motor vehicle which states that motor vehicle is mechanical vehicle that is used for moving it on roads and something which has motor system attached to it internally or externally.The vehicle should not have been attached to any side car or such thing
, and it should not be attached to any tracks like railway tracks or it should not be used as factory vehicle, it should be less be than four wheels and engine capacity should be less than 25 CC

then make an Application forms can be obtained from the appropriate RTO offices that should be completed and presented along with documents and appropriate fees.
Officials would start processing your application.

Important verificationÕs for the permit includes Vehicle condition, Body built, seating arrangements etc.. will be carried by authorities.
After checking the vehicle for its correctness and other appropriate requirements the application will be processed further.

You will need to explain all the benefits of the bike taxi , that how will it benefit the community, you can show it through example of other taxis and memos that they have reduced traffic and pollution in city.

Reference: According to Section 2(28) in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988



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