How to resign if i was given no appointment letter?


An appointment letter generally includes complete details about where an employee must show up for the work, the start date of a position, expected work schedule as well as employee’s agreed salary that can be very different than stated in an offer letter if both the parties negotiated on the salary after an offer letter was handed over. An offer letter or a letter of appointment is a written contract between an employer and an employee, provided it has been accepted in writing by the employee.

In normal practice, an employee signs a copy of the letter in due acknowledgement of the terms and conditions of the appointment. Naturally, when there are no prescribed terms and conditions, no formal appointment letter, no prescribed rules of empoyees conduct, employer won’t have any tool to take any penal action against employee even if they have more than enough evidence of his working with the company. If he has submitted his resignation, even through mail, employer can ask for the notice period pay only from the employee as per the State Government’s Shops & Establishments Act, provided the notice period is less than 30 days.

You can Leave without information, company has the right to ask explanation from as per their policy and if that is not satisfactory ( since you have joined week before) and your not in the position to join duty you suppose to send resignation letter by speed post with acknowledgement due.

Reference: State Government’s Shops & Establishments Act,



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