How to renew my obc certificate since I have qualified for the government exam even though I renewed the certificate 4 months back and how to do it?


the renewal can happen now.

Your OBC NCL (Non creamy layer) Certificate needs to be renewed.

Validity of such certificates is One year.

There are two types of OBC (NCL) Certificate, the ones Issued by Central Government and the others Issued by State Governments.

You have to renew Both.

OBC NCL Certificate will be provided once you apply from the district court. Go to a stamp vendor in your District court along with your old OBC certificate and other necessary important Documents.

Documents required are Complete Application form, AADHAAR No., if that is not available, then the PAN card/ PASSPORT/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID Card will also suffice. Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill, etc. for residential proof. OBC certificates of other family members i.e, father or a brother or a sister are also required for this process. Two attestations by MP or MLA Officers (the council officers, gazette officers are also acceptable) declaring the caste of the applicant and lastly the income proof. lastly self-declaration is also the prescribed performa. in case of a minor, it can be provided by a relevant major. If one has all the necessary document, then the process will go on smoothly and will be successful.

Reference: Article 338B of Constitution of India – 202100498-20210024-6390



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