How to register complain against Mandal Revenue Officer and Village Reconstruction Organization?


Hello, I hope youÕve been well. According to your issue you have 1.98 acre land and 8 years back you gave your land on lease basis to your neighbour (beside your land). He removed your land boundary stones and he occupied some of your land. You gave application to Meeseva. Your neighbour gave money to MRO and VRO to stop the survey. 4 times they gave the date for the survey but didnÕt visited at all and now you want to file complaint against the Mandal Revenue Officer and Village Reconstruction Organization.

The MRO is vested with the same powers and functions of Tahsildars of erstwhile Taluks including magisterial powers. Mandal Revenue Officer heads the Mandal Revenue Office. MRO provides the interface between the government and public within his jurisdiction. He initiates welfare measures within his jurisdiction. The MRO assists the higher authorities in collecting information and conducting inquiries. He provides feedback to the district administration that helps in decision-making at higher levels of administration. Village Reconstruction Organization, social organization active in the reconstruction of villages after natural calamities.

If the officer in Mandal revenue office is doing corruption and you have appropriate proof complaint against them to the Collector. You can also apply to the grievance cell

I hope this is helpful and you got your answer. Looking forward for your response.

Reference: Mandal Revenue Office

Village Reconstruction Organization



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