How to register a lal dora property?


If you want your Lal Dora property to be registered, go to the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate in charge of the area. Submit your application together with an affidavit detailing the land and its owner, as well as a copy of your ration card.

The government gave Lal Dora privileges to six villages in Delhi after the country gained independence in 1947. This area was intended to be used solely for agricultural reasons, and inhabitants of the expanded village of Abdi would be exempt from construction bye-laws and home tax following independence. The new outlying bounds were dubbed “Phirni” as the population and communities grew. The Extended Lal Dora regions were the lands between the earlier Lal Dora bounds and the “Phirni.”

The Delhi Municipal Act exempts Lal Dora property from building byelaws and construction requirements and restrictions. Buildings on the Lal Dora property were no longer required to be approved by any body after a notification was issued by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) in 1963.

Today, premium sections of Delhi are still classified as Lal Dora property, and commercial and high-end residential units may be found there. Because these properties cannot be registered with a local government, the Delhi government offers a Lal Dora certificate as proof of ownership.

Reference: the Delhi Municipal Act, 1963. – – AHG301 – 202100581 – 160 – 186- 2021001352021004313775


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