How to rectify the spelling mistake in marksheet?


You have not stated that in which marksheet your fatherÕs name has been spelled incorrectly. Yes, making a notarized affidavit will help you to rectify the mistake in your fatherÕs name. As the marksheets of 10th and 12th are important it is suggested that you get this spelling mistake in your fatherÕs name rectified as soon as possible.

To rectify it permanently you will have to approach your school with a letter stating that there is a spelling mistake in your fatherÕs name with that you will also have to provide an affidavit mentioning the real name and you want to get it rectified.

You will have to attach relevant documents for eg aadhar card or pan card of your father. You will have to make the affidavit and get it notarized after that you will have to submit it in your college.
A Name Correction Affidavit may be created by any person whose certificates or documents have been printed with the wrong spelling or version of his/her name. A name correction affidavit is similar to a ÔOne and the same personÕ affidavit in many respects, chiefly because both affidavits are created when there are different versions of the name printed in different certificates.




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