How to rectify a spelling mistake on sale deed?


1. Typing error of this kind is not a serious type which can be ignored and the deed in itself is otherwise perfectly fine.

2. However at the time sale, if you so decide , the prospective buyer may raise dispute and refuse to buy this property.

3. Hence to remove any such future confusion or uncertainty it is advisable that you make a deed of rectification which does not require stamp duty.
See if the spelling mistake is there on the index page same need to be rectified at the sub-registrar office the application for same can be given and the sub-registrar shall order to correct and furnish fresh index.
Execute a Registered rectification deed for the same with correction.

The deed must mention the personal information of the parties involved in the transaction, along with the details of the original deed. It also has to clearly mention the error that needs to be rectified. The parties will also have to furnish an undertaking, stating that no changes have been made in the original format and character of the sale deed.
If either party has found an error in the sale deed, the buyer and the seller will have to make an appearance in the sub-registrarÕs office, where the deed was previously registered. They will have to submit an application to the official, seeking correction in the document, along with all the supporting documents. If major changes are required in the original document, the two parties will also have to take along two witnesses each, for the registration of the rectification deed.




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