How to proceed with Legal heir certificate under Padgdi system property owned by deceased father?


Upon the death of the original tenant, the pagdi place will visit the family members residing with the tenant on the time of his dying in the pagdi premises or if no such family has been residing then it will belong to the legal heirs of the tenant in this example if the tenancy is needed to be transferred to the son, then you’ll need to approach the owner with a request to transfer lease receipt to the name of the son.

He would require to submit the NOC affidavits of the Legal Heirs of the deceased tenant, mentioning that they have got no objection if the tenancy is transferred to the call of the son. You will need to pay a few transfer charges to the owner. The transfer fee amount isn’t always prescribed with the aid of using law.

That you want to negotiate with the owner. Once the owner is of the same opinion to do the transfer, there might be a triparty tenancy settlement among you, your buyer and the owner. This will should be registered with sub-registrar office.Section fifty six of Rent Control Act, 1999 in Mumbai below pagdi system, for the switch of tenancy, 33 consistent with cent of the amount in transaction is paid in cash to the owner to impact the transfer of tenancy or assignment.

If they’re dwelling at the side of the Original Tenant in succession, the legacy continues. Pagdi System is an antique system in Mumbai wherein on Transfer an quantity is paid to the owner. If the son or grandsons are dwelling in the residence on the time of dying of of the original tenant, they are able to document a case of RAD DECLARATION OF TENANT within small reasons courtroom docket in Dhobi Taloa and take an order of declaration submitting all of the lease receipts and can also make an application to deposit lease in the court.”

Reference: Section 56 of Rent Control Act, 1999 – – – 202100580 – A714 – 196- 2021008920210041347


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