How to proceed to sell a land with different names on Aadhar and land documents?


As there are two different names on the documents of Aadhar Card and Land documents , and now you want to sell the land, it is not a difficult process , where the first option that lies for you is to change your name in Aadhar card through the government process , where the name will be changed.

If you dont want to change the name on the Aadhar Card then you can use the same two names on the land records in the sale deed, and do attach another identity proof as a document which shows that the name shown in this is original , it may be Voter Id , PAN Card. or driving license.

Then , get an affidavit created which shows that both the name belongs to the same person , which is you as the seller

As you want to sell the property with the Aadhar card as a proof , but having of Aadhaar is not a mandatory requirement for registration of property documents, as there is no such provision in the Registration Act, 1908,

You can proceed with any other proof , PAN Card, or any other proof of identity issued by a government authority. with other land documents




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