How to obtain TSP certificate is Rajasthan?


Domicile certificate, also known as residence certificate, is issued to prove that the person holding the certificate resides in a particular State. It is mandatory to obtain this domicile certificate to avail quotas in educational institutions and government services. Domicile certificate can be obtained only from one state and defying this would be a serious offence.

Eligibility for the certificate –
The applicant should be a resident of Rajasthan for a minimum of 10 years
Female applicants can apply for the certificate if they marry a person from Rajasthan
Female applicants who are not residents of the State should be married to a person who issues Bonafide Certificate in Rajasthan
For minors, the certificate is issued based on their parentsÕ certificate.

There are various Benefits of the Certificate-
An individual can apply for resident quota in educational institutions
An individual can apply for resident quota in Government services
To legally state a personÕs residence
The certificate is mandatory in rural areas to avail various benefits of the Government.

The applicant can obtain the application form from any of the following centres:
Sub-Divisional Magistrate
Tahsildar Office
Revenue Department
District CollectorÕs Office
Other local authorities

The application for certificate can also be made onlie.
The Sub Divisional Officer or Assistant Collector and Executive Magistrate of the State issue the certificate.

Reference: Jodhpur: The high court stayed the order of the single bench allowing the benefits of TSP (tribal sub plan) area, to a woman from non-TSP area married to a person with TSP area.

Allowing the appeal by the state government challenging the order of the single bench, the division bench headed by justice Sangeet Lodha said that only a bonafide resident of the TSP area will be entitled to the benefits laid down for such areas and mere shifting from non-TSP to TSP area even after marriage, would not entitle one to the benefits of TSP area.



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