How to obtain salary details of husband for maintenance purpose during divorce?


With reference to the issue stated above by you, i would like to draw to your attention that the wife has a right to know the details of her husbandÕs salary, as per a 2018 ruling by the Madhya Pradesh High Court but RTI does not cover the private entities and hence the company will not give information to her under the RTI act.

No chance he will share it nor his knowns will.

Under Section 8 (1) J of the RTI Act, there is no way to tell any personal information unless and until its disclosure.

Your employer can not share it with anybody unless ordered by competent authority.

If you are having dicvorce then you may do the following because it will provide you the details.

You can send an application under section 91 of CRPC or under order 16 Rule 6 of CPC and get a direction to your employer to submit all the details which you may need.

Or you can plead to ask the court as per section 125 of CRpc for maintenace and he will be asked to show his salary slip.

You must hire a private detective for you from a good agency and he will be helpful to extract the salary slip.

Following are the laws applicable in your case:-

1. Section 91 & 125 Code of Criminal Procedure

2. Order 16 Rule 6 Code of Civil Procedure




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