How to obtain Non traceable report from court?


the query short of material facts as well the reason why you want the non-recovery certificate. What is the relevance of the part ‘already sent to court by police without a lawyer from ACJM courts’? Anyhow, there is no legal impediment in anyone appearing in person.Non-traceable report is issued by the police in cases where loss/theft is reported by a person and is usually required for insurance claims. The requirement for this report arises so that the police/insurance company/manufacturer etc. tries to locate the lost item and return to the owner. In cases where the lost item is not traced, the Police station with whom the FIR was registered, issues a non-traceable report. This is the only way such report can be obtained.

If the police station refuses to issue this report (no intention to malign the police force), due to one or other reason, the person requiring this report may seek assistance from the court to obtain this certificate; and upon courtÕs directive, the same police station will issue the report.f the vehicle is not recovered, the police have to provide a Non-Traceable Certificate (NTC) and the court will have to give a final report under sec 173 Crpc. So, the insurance company must be asking for final report from the court, so after receiving NTC, the court will give you a final report.

Reference: Case law – The Superintendent Of Police vs The Judicial Magistrate Court



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