How to obtain a legal heir certificate for a UK Citizen?


A legal heir certificate identifies the rightful successors who can claim the assets/properties of the deceased person. There is no need to worry even he is citizen of Uk. You need the proper documents to get the certificate-
Procedure For Obtaining Legal Heir Certificate
¥ To obtain Legal Heir certificate You must approach the area/Taluk Thasildar, or from the corporation/municipality office of your area, and also the District civil court. The certificate names all legal heirs of the deceased person and will be issued to you only after a proper enquiry.
¥ To obtain a Legal Heir Certificate you must follow the steps listed below:
The applicant has to visit the Tehsildar or Taluk office. An alternate option is when the hechooses to approach a lawyer from the District Civil Court.
¥ The applicant will have to obtain the application form from the concerned Tehsildarofficer.
¥ The applicant then will have toenter all the required details in the application form.
¥ Once all the details are entered, the applicant will have to attach all the mandatory documents to the application form.
¥ The applicantwill have toto affix a stamp of Rs. 2 in the application form.
¥ Ones this is done, he applicant has to furnish the application form to the authorized officer in the Tehsildar office.
¥ Thereafter the application is verified by the Village Administrative Officer and Revenue Inspector.
¥ After completing all the verification processes, the certificate will then be issued by the concerned authority mentioning all the legal heirs of the deceased.Generally it takes 30 days to obtain a Legal Heir Certificate but you have to approach the Revenue Division Officer (RDO) or the sub collector if there is an unnecessary delay or the concerned authorities fails to respond.




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