How to modify Building plan after submitting the plan the authority?


To revise a house plan already approved by the appropriate authority, one requires an approval from authority for sanction of building plans/ building permit under the provisions of Building Byelaws, Master plan and Local Body Acts. The Building approval comprises of the building plan and the layout approval for the construction of the building.

1) Building Plan:
A builder should submit building plan before starting the construction activities. Building plans are a graphical representation of what a building will look like after construction.
Building plan ensures that building complies with building laws.
Once the building plan is approved, the builder should commence construction work within two years and there should be no deviation from the sanctioned plan.

2) Layout approval:
The builder has to get approval of layout plan from concerned authorities before starting construction of residential or commercial building.

Approved Layout Plan is as per approved FAR (Floor Area Ratio) or FSI (Floor Space Index).
Constructing building on unapproved layout will not be given permission to be occupied or such layout plots will be treated as unlawful and exemplary penalties will be levied as per Municipal Laws.
Land which is sub-divided into plots without permission from authority is considered illegal or unapproved layout.
No facilities such as roads, drainage, street lighting will be extended in such areas.

3) Intimation of Disapproval
Intimation of Disapproval or IOD basically states conditions that needs to be complied with during different phases of Under Construction Project. Intimation of Disapproval in some places is also i known as Building Permit. These conditions are normally divided into 3 parts:

(i) Immediately before commencement of construction work
(ii) During the construction period
(iii) After the construction is completed

Therefore, show your modified construction plan to the authorities and get a clerance certificate from them for the construction of the same. Even if the revised or modifid plan is within the limitations prescribed, it is always smart to get it approved.

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