How to know if buying an apartment in lake buffer zone in Bangalore is wiseble or not?


If you are planning to buy a plot in Kasavanahalli, you need to make sure the plot title is clear, it is not on government land, it is approved by the government authority and has a RERA registration number in case the project is under-construction.Kasavanahalli, situated in East Bengaluru, is one of the established localities of the city. This area is surrounded by many water bodies like Kasavanahalli lakes. Properties offering lake-view options come with a premium.if you own a property in the 88 sq km of buffer zone as notified.

if you own a property in the 88 sq km of buffer zone as not notified in the Revised Masterplan 2031 anywhere on the 75-metre
Such properties will have to continue as itÕs Ñ without any redevelopmenmt as there is no sco[pe of any redevlopment.Buffer zones around lakes/drainshave been a major point of concern for developers and landowners of Bengaluru.
hey are facing regulatory issues owing to new regulations,

Toeing the National Green TribunalÕs last year order, the RMP 2031 notified that in case of lakes,75 metre from the periphery of all water bodies to be maintained as green belt and buffer zone; 50 metre from the edge
the BBMP withdrew the circular that interpreted the NGT buffer rules as prospective ruling. The BBMP town planning department seems to have totally reversed its stand on the issue without pursuing the matter further, while the Tribunal didnÕt bother to clarify the retrospective applicability of the law.

All the apartment projects which were under various stages of construction when the NGT ruling came in (on May 4 2016), are now facing uncertainty, because of this ambiguity. Though the constructions happened as per detailed sanctioned plans, adhering to prevailing zonal rules when the buffer zone was 30 metres, the BBMP now refuses to give OC / CC to these buildings.

It is unpreictble to say what the new guideline will come further. It is advisable that not to buy the house.

Reference: Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) 2016



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