How to issue legal notice to society members not paying maintenance?


“Non-payment of due amount in a housing society can mean primary criminal outcomes for the defaulter. If a flat-proprietor fails to pay his preservation on time then the society can provoke criminal complaints to get better the preservation amount.

Different states have distinct legal guidelines concerning co-operative housing societies. If a flat-proprietor does not to his preservation for the span of 3 months, he could be pronounced as as a ‘defaulter’ below the Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Societies Act, 1960. In the event of non-payment the procedure put forward by the act u/s 101 will be applicable.
Under the Section 101, the housing society will record an software earlier than the Registrar (Or Deputy Registrar) of Co-operative Societies In such a software, the society will ask the Registrar present to provide certificates for recovery that the defaulyter has to pay.

Thus, you need to serve them a legal notice via a attorney or even after service of notice in the event that they fail to pay maintenance charges then you need to file a recovery suit in the Court to get better the equal in conjunction with the interest and penalty. Another manner to address the defaulting participants is to show their names at the society election board and in addition now no longer permit them withinside the society elections and such activities.

Reference: Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Societies Act, 1960 – – AHG5 – 202100580 – 2 – 27 – 202100190-20210042-20770


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