How to get school leaving certificate back from college?


The purpose of the school leaving certificate is to show on record that you are leaving a particular institution and that you have been there in that institution. If you have been there in that college, then they cannot give you the school leaving certificate. For admission to the new college, you can show them your college leaving certificate.

However, if you want a school leaving certificate itself, then you can apply for a new one at the Zila School where you have studied. The steps to be followed for these are as follows.

The original leaving certificate is issued just once when you take all your certificates. If your original has misplaced or lost somewhere then you can only get a duplicate copy of the same. No school or college or any institution issues original documents twice because it can be misused.

When you collect all of your credentials, you will only receive one original leaving certificate. If your original has been missing or lost, you can only obtain a duplicate copy of it. Because original papers might be exploited, no school, college, or institution issues them again.

As a result, anytime you need another copy, you will receive a duplicate copy. You may obtain a replica of the original. If you lose your original certificate, you can request a duplicate.

Concern your school’s teacher and request a certificate; they will undoubtedly provide you with the appropriate answer.

The authorities of your institution is primarily responsible for granting certificates.

Reference: Laws Applicable: Civil Procedure Code – – AHG237 – 202100581 – 126 – 96 – 202100292-20210043-9923


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