How to get name change on SSC marksheet?


First you are adviced to go to the school and check the name that is written in your class register.
– If your name is not accurate in the register, you may take the next time and request your Principal/HOD a letter for name correction.
– Collect a copy that was xeroxed of the register, you marks sheet and the covering letter
– Approach the SSC board meeting resp officer, He should be willing to guide you.
– After correction they may dispatch certificates in your school or will handover to you.
– This whole process will takes 3 – 7 operating days.
– Correction became easy and accesable currently without any fee/cost (SSC Board, Telangan/AP).

The following are alternate ways for you to change your name in the mark sheets:
1) Get the Application Form:
First of all, students want to take the application form. They can both down load the form from the internet and Also, they are able to gather the form from the admission branch in their respective school.

2) Fill up the Application Form:
Students should fill up the form rightly and make sure you read properly before you fill it.

3) Document Submission:
Students want to submit a few documents for the name correction procedure. These files include:
– School leaving certificates of the preceding school that is submitted through the mother and father on the time of admission.
– A part of the web page of admission and withdrawal check in of the school in which the access has been made with admire to the candidate.

4) Fees Submission:
Students should pay the fees with a view to get the corrections done. The prices range relying upon the call this is being corrected, this is if it’s miles the studentÕs or studentÕs mother and father. Given underneath is the breakup of the prices.
Fees for call correction in Marksheet/Certificate Ð Rs.1000 (Fees of marksheet/certificates included).
Fee for Change in CandidateÕs MotherÕs Name/FatherÕs Name/GuardianÕs Name Ð Rs.1000 + Actual Cost of the Document”

Reference:  – – AHG204 – 202100580 – 110 – 161- 202100155-20210024-7390


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